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Boucherot::INSTALL - Doc about how to install Boucherot


Boucherot can be used either with the ``.tar.gz'' package or the ``.zip'' package.

Go to or to and download a package.


Download a package and unzip it
It will create a directory like ``boucherot-VERSION-RELEASE''.

Jump into this directory's sub folder ``src''.
Change the file ``boucherotrc'' to fit your needs.
You can look at the user documentation Boucherot::CONFIGURATION.

Run either or boucherot.bat depending on the OS you're on
You can also launch directly

NOTES is just an exemple of what a Boucherot script can be. You can change it to fit your needs.

In the other hand, it's a better idea to create a Plugin to do whatever you want. See Boucherot::PLUGIN


This doc is a part of the Boucherot project written by Arthibus Gissehel.