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Boucherot::xchat - xchat Perl API for Boucherot.


  use Boucherot::xchat;
  Boucherot::xchat::command("/join #channel");

  # This is like <IRC::command("/join #channel");> for
  # xchat's scripts.


Boucherot::xchat try to emulate everything that XChat perl scripts can via IRC package. In fact, this package shouldn't be used standalone. You should either use the Boucherot functions, or the XChat emulation via package IRC that calls this package.


This class was written by Arthibus Gissehel <> in 2000.

Notice that XChat (and it's Perl API) is under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and that X-Chat Copyright (c) 1998-2000 By Peter Zelezny.

Please see XChat's project for more informations at


This class is part of the Boucherot project.